Dear visitor,

Welcome, great that you have found the way to my website. Id like to invite you to get an insight in the fascination of nature photography.

Landscapes, animals and macro photography

Nature photography for me includes a scope of landscape photography, wildlife photography and photography in the close up range.

All my photos have one thing in common, they are taken in nature and are neither manipulated nor posed. While landscape photography profits for the most part from the mood of the light and from beautiful spots, I enjoy at macro photography that Im able to do this at anytime and anywhere.

Wildlife photography - not for the impatient

For wildlife photography it is important to gather information about the living conditions of the animals you want to get into your picture because it increases the chances for good pictures.

The animal photos shown on my web site are true Wildlife pictures, which I took in nature.

A regular visit worthwhile

The galleries are regularly updated with new pictures, so I hope that other visits will be worthwhile for you. For now, I hope you enjoy viewing these pages.